How to Find a Remote Work-from-Home Job: Guide

Unlike the other remote roles listed above, some sales positions do require you to perform a moderate amount of travel. But most employers don’t mind you working from home so long as you meet your sales goals. Higher-paying remote jobs will require more education and training and possibly a portfolio of work. If you’re thinking about working from home, the good news is that there are remote jobs for workers in all kinds of industries, from healthcare to education to marketing. Virtual Vocations’ jobs board features telecommuting positions in job fields like technical writing and paralegal and is run by an entirely remote team.

  • As a professional who is searching for more from their life, can you transition into a flexible working style?
  • Recruiters want to see that you haveexcellent communication skillsthat can replace frequent face-to-face conversations.
  • The remote companies on Indeed can be suspect at times too.
  • This might come in the form of start-up experience, entrepreneurial experience, internally innovative people , or just plain other remote work experience.
  • This can include some areas mentioned above, like UI/UX, but often involves more as well.
  • One of the top remote job boards, FlexJobs has over 50 job categories, with positions ranging from freelance to full-time, and entry-level to executive.

These are only a few samples, but they give you an idea of what kinds of remote work-specific questions to expect from a potential employer. And don’t think of these as curveball interview questions. Questions like these help the interviewer assess if you have the skills to work and succeed in the role, and as a remote employee. Like any interview, an interview for a remote position will include standard questions. “Tell me about yourself,” “Why did you apply for the job? ” are all likely to make appearances during the vetting process. You can certainly prep and practice for those, but don’t overlook some remote-specific interview questions, too.

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Flexjobs, a site that gets you access to hand-vetted remote job postings. We’re going to pick apart step by step how to start the adventure of finding your first remote job online. If you land a project manager role at a remote-first company, you could potentially do a lateral move into sales in a year or two. You’ve been working in an office in a big city for ages, and recently you moved to a suburb to be closer to family. We’re curating a community of motivated individuals who want to work remotely. Sign up for our community (it’s free!) and we’ll start pairing you with companies who are looking for talented professionals. In our guide to making a freelance resume stand out, we talk about all the ways to set yourself apart as a professional.

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If you can’t work remotely in your current position, start with your network. Depending on your skillset and desired line of work, remote jobs are either easy or difficult to come by. Those who thrive in a tech-based environment shouldn’t have any trouble How Long Does It Take to Develop a Mobile App? by Josiah Humphrey The Startup finding remote work, while those who are in the medical field may have to search a bit harder. Either way, the location independent career space is growing. Here are a few lists that we’ve compiled to help you get started in your remote job search.

The Worst Sites for Finding Remote Jobs:

Before deciding to work from home, remember to weigh the pros and cons of remote work life. It may take some getting used to, as well as a properly equipped home Guide to Becoming a Frontend Developer: Job Skills and Responsibilities workspace, but the flexibility it affords is hard to beat. The idea of working remotely is great, but you may not know where to look to find this type of work.

Get a New Remote Career

What you also really want is to be in sales, or business development or customer success. In this guide, I will take you through a series of Should an aspiring Network Engineer use Linux as main home OS to gain exp? steps toward how to get a remote job this year, or even this month. I am sure I don’t need to persuade you into a love of working remotely.

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If you join the site’s talent database, you’ll then go through a vetting process and get matched for a paid trial (a 2-4 week test period) with a potential employer. We Work Remotely is the largest remote work community in the world. With over 3M visitors, WWR is the number one destination to find and list incredible remote jobs. IndieHackers is one of the online communities that gathers entrepreneurs of successful startups or side gigs.

  • Let me start off by saying that there’s no one right way to jump into remote work.
  • You never know what you could be missing if you don’t reach out to your network first.
  • These websites are entirely dedicated to remote opportunities.
  • It allows you to build a portfolio and show off your design skills.
  • Luckily, there is a number of platforms that can keep a team together – Skype, Slack, Pidgin, Trello, BlogIn, or simply email.

No worries, the number of remote jobs is too long for us to include a complete list, so expect to find more roles available than what you see here. With modern technology, companies can easily work with talented individuals from all over the world. This makes it simple to use your skills and make money from home.